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We understand the design process can be confusing. Believe us, we get it! Sometimes we’re as confused about your business as you are about ours. We find the best way to get a clear view is to ask a lot of questions. So we’ve tried to take the hassle out of it for you and provide you with some answers and if your question isn’t here feel free to give us a call.


What is a graphic designer...?

A graphic designer can make your brand stand out in a crowded market, open your product or services up to entirely new audiences, make it appear more professional and give it personality.

... and why should I use one?

We know the best approaches to communicate your products and services to your customers. We listen to your preferences and research what your competition does – this combination allows us to come up with creative solutions to get your message across.

Reasons to hire a graphic designer:

1. Save time

You have enough on your plate already. Do you really want to spend time trying to come up with designs for your logo, brochures or website? Good design is not something you stumble upon. It’s a combination of skills that require a specialist education and a lot of practice, so leave it to the professionals and concentrate on what you’re good at – running your business!

2. Save money

Which file types work in the best situations? Where’s the best place locally to get business cards printed and how much do you need to spend to get decent quality? As experienced graphic design professionals we have the answers to these questions and more.

3. Get your brand out there

A brand is how your customers perceive you. From the way you answer the phones, all the way down to how your brand looks.

Your logo, the layout of your website and marketing materials, your chosen font, and the colours you use are what gives your company character.

4. Stand out from the rest

Having a distinct brand is what is going to raise your business above your competition. A strong brand is memorable, building trust and encouraging positive referrals from customers. A weak brand is instantly forgettable.

5. Ensure that your message is consistent

An inconsistent design makes the customer think that you provide an inconsistent service – a professional graphic designer has the ability to ensure that your visual branding is consistent across all channels.

6. Get the results you want

Many clients have an idea of what they want their business materials to look like, but have no way to convey them. A designer will be able to give life to your ideas, ensuring that the end results look the way you want, helping you achieve the goals you set out for your business.

7. Inspire pride in your employees

Good design inspires people. If all of your brand collateral is created by a professional, your employees will consider themselves to be working for a forward thinking company.


Why does my business need a website?

It can be easy to underestimate the power of good web design. It takes just minutes to set up a Facebook page or a Twitter account, and anyone can do it. However, if your only online presence is a free-to-use social media account, potential customers may doubt your trustworthiness as a business. Having a comprehensive and informative website is a great way of quickly establishing confidence among potential customers.

Reasons you need a professional website:

1. Your small business will gain credibility

Before trying out a small business, the first place most people go is online. If you do not have an online presence, potential customers will go to your competitors that do. A website will provide your business with a professional image which will inspire confidence. For home-based businesses, this is particularly beneficial since you do not have a shop front to promote your products or services.

2. A website saves you money

If the price still seems off-putting to you, consider how much you are spending on other non-digital channels. Considering the potential market you can reach with a website, compared with the cost of a newspaper ad or printing and delivering leaflets, it is a very cost effective way to promote your business.

3. It will enable you to keep your customers informed

A custom-made website for your business is highly personal, and it can easily be updated making it an effective way of letting your customers know about the arrival of new products, upcoming events, special promotions, or any new services you now offer. Unlike print ads which quickly become outdated, your website can provide current news and information.

4. It is always accessible

The joy of having your own website is that your business will constantly be available. A website is available to your customers 24 hours a day. With today’s busy lifestyles, this is a great selling point when making a purchase decision.

5. A website makes it possible to target a wider market

As a retailer, a website is a great place to sell your products to a wider market; even services can be made available globally.

6. It provides a medium on which to showcase your work

No matter what type of business you’re in, a website is a great place to showcase your work. By including a portfolio or image gallery, as well as testimonials about your work, you can demonstrate what makes your business unique.


Why is a good logo essential to my business?

Your logo is everything that your business stands for. Your logo introduces your company, fully describes it, and immediately solidifies it in your audience’s memory. It enhances first impressions, raises curiosity, and creates excitement.

A great logo, however, does much more than that. It establishes your brand’s identity, generates trust, and sums up all the reasons why your business is better than the rest.

Reasons you need a professionally designed logo:

1. Attract new customers with a great first impression

When new business comes your way, first impressions count. Your customers see hundreds of logos a day, and they know a good logo when they see one. If it isn’t up to scratch, that potential customer may decide to go elsewhere.

2. Communicate a message

If your business provides a fast, reliable and friendly service, it is the job of your logo to communicate this quickly and effectively. By sending the right message to potential customers, your logo helps them choose you over the competition.

3. Earn trust with professionalism

If you want your customers to see you as a professional business, you need a professional image. The starting point is a great logo, supported by a great brand identity.

4. Stand out from your competition

Differentiating yourself from your competition is critical in winning the battle for customers and your logo should emphasise why you are the better choice. Stand out, be bold and show potential customers that you’re better than the others.

5. Recognition

Brand recognition is paramount if you want both existing and potential customers to see a logo, colour or both, and instantly think of you and you alone.

6. Brand Loyalty

When given a choice between your company and an almost identical one up the road, you want your customers and clients to come back to you simply because its you, and you’ve never let them down before. A great logo will help towards solidifying this loyalty, giving your customers something visual to connect with and hold on to.

7. Consistency

We now live in a time where a business exists on multiple platforms. Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, business cards, leaflets, info packs… your business identity is going to be rubber-stamped everywhere. Consistency is absolutely essential, ensuring that your brand is represented correctly everywhere it appears.


What makes Wiley Design different from other design firms?

Here at Wiley Design we give. We give ourselves and our story as much as you give yours. We understand what it’s like to start a business and nurture it. It’s a personal thing and we treat everything as such. No matter what stage of growth you are at we help you to get clear on the story that will attract more customers.

Why should I hire you instead of a larger design firm?

We like to think that our smallness is one of our strengths; we get to know you and your business and treat it as if it were our own. No job is too small – if it’s important to you and your business, it’s important to us. We’ll give you our time and dedication, our care and attention and we will do our best to deliver to the best of our ability.

Where are you and your clients located?

We are based in Donabate, Co. Dublin. Our list of clients include local, national and international businesses –  each of them like yours, with an interesting story to tell!

We provide a wide range of services for some great people.

– Brand Development
– Graphic Design
– Web Design


Donabate, Co. Dublin
K36 RC41
M: 086 334 0350 / 086 313 7698

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Clodagh Wiley – @wileydesign 

Clodagh’s 16 years’ experience in agencies across Dublin and London, allow her to hit a design brief running. Specialising in design for print, she uses her expertise and passion to tell the great stories that bring brands to life.

Garry Wiley – @wileydesign 

Garry’s 16 years’ experience in agencies across Dublin and London, equip him with the tools needed to drive a brand to success. Specialising in digital design, he uses creativity and common sense to develop a unique narrative for your brand story.


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