The Kite Sports story…

Fueled by their passion for sports and the belief that children can never start too young, Kite Sports set out to create something special.

They invested time, money and most importantly themselves and the result was the Hurlóg™, a soft, safe starter hurley for kids up to 5 years of age. The reaction from the hurling community was so positive they had no choice but to build their business, and so Kite Sports was born.

Project Details

Parent branding
Product branding
eCommerce web design and development

Eoin Fitzgerald – Founder Kite Sports

“We got really lucky to discover the Wiley Design team. How often will you find two creatives totally engaged and passionate about what they do – yet accessible to a small business? They took the time to fully understand us and our mission and have turned those thoughts and ideas into our new brand. One that accurately communicates our message to the world.”

- Brand Development
- Graphic Design
- Web Design


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Clodagh’s 16 years’ experience in agencies across Dublin and London, allow her to hit a design brief running. Specialising in design for print, she uses her expertise and passion to tell the great stories that bring brands to life.

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Garry’s 16 years’ experience in agencies across Dublin and London, equip him with the tools needed to drive a brand to success. Specialising in digital design, he uses creativity and common sense to develop a unique narrative for your brand story.


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